Exotic Animals LLC

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We sell supplies EXCLUSIVELY
to our animal customers
We sell specifically made FOX FOOD 
exclusively to our customers
(if require shipping it is an extra charge) 

38% protein pelleted food
you cannot buy this in the store,
it has all nutrients that a fox needs 

We sell it in a 50# bag for 65.00 per bag

each fox will eat 3- 50# bags
of our food per year. 
We will continue to sell fox food as long as we have fox at our facility.

Kennels for your animal outdoors- 
We do not carry these in stock,
must be ordered (we require 1/2 down when order kennel) 
we make them as they are ordered 
LG Kennel - 1100.00ea 
4 foot wide X 8 foot long X 40 inches tall 
SM kennel- 1000.00 
4 foot wide X 6 foot long X 40 inches tall
Please note:
We may have some used cages available in 2020 please call to inquire what we will have available. 
IIf you would like to order, please let us know when you place your deposit.
we do carry a limited #
available in our nursery at pick-up
The starter cage has opening in top and metal feeder and a plastic crock for water 
these are 65.00 ea

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