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The Raccoon is one of the most fascinating and intelligent animals around. Raccoons are 
VERY inquisitive and will seldom pass up the opportunity to investigate anything. They absolutely love shiny objects. 
Our Raccoons are more than 30 generations from the wild and are domestically breed. A Raccoon loves to play and explore. 
When you receive your raccoon it comes with a detailed care plan. We also recommend to spay or neuter your raccoon so it will not get grouchy or want to run away at breeding season. We recommend you spend quality time with your animal to ensure their happiness. 
We usually start distribution in May each year. When you receive your raccoon it will be drinking from a bottle. In most cases, this is great for bonding with your animal. Do not overfeed you animal!  Your new raccoon will need a draft-free environment. Place a sweatshirt of your into the place where you are keeping your baby. 
This way it can stay warm and dry. Change it as needed. When it starts getting bigger and playing more remove this from where you are keeping it. 
Stimulation you will NOT need to do this. 
At 10 weeks old the coon should be fully weaned from the bottle. Please note they will still want the bottle as the formula is like ice cream to them a big treat! 
At 12 weeks they should be eating dry food. Do not give your coon junk food! This will cause runny stools ect. 
Also please note that if you have a cat you should have a separate litter box for your coon. Please note do not feed your coon any type of seafood they get aggressive if you do this. 
Also do not feed your raccoon cat food. Having a raccoon can be a rewarding experience. Each coon have their own special personalities. Our raccoon like to have movie night where we have popcorn and watch videos.

Prices are Per Animal 

we charge + 50.00 for a female 

Regular (Gray)- 400.00 

Purchasing an animal 
Deposits are 200.00 per animal and are non refundable. 
Deposit goes toward the price of the animal.
No refund is given for changing your mind, moving, landlord issues, not able to get permit,
Living legal state, city and/or county where you live,
allergies etc .
All of the above are YOUR responsibility!
Make sure we have CURRENT INFO FROM YOU. 
In order to contact you we need this information. 
When we  call you for notification your baby is in the nursery, this is your 1-2 week notice for pick-up.
If you do not respond within 48 hours we move to the next in line. 
IF you are going on vacation ect you need to let us know as baby season gets nearer!. 
Make sure your state , county, and city allows you to have the species desired. 
IF you have a landlord make sure it is approved thru them! 
Pick-up: We will notify you and post pictures when the animal is in the nursery. 
We will give you an aproximate date for pick-up when we bring your baby into the nursery. 
This is...... your 1-2 week notice for pick-up.
IF you do not respond within 48 hours... we will assume you have changed your mind! 
Make sure your voice mail is set up and NOT FULL as we will attempt to leave a message. 
IF your voice mail is full, this is beyond our control and we made an attempt to contact you.
Missed appointments for pick up will be assessed a 25.00 per day LATE FEE! 
We decide on a case by case basis for late fee, you must have a legitimate excuse! 
Just as you do to miss your work. 
But they must be legitimate! 
The old excuse of dog ate my homework is NOT excused! 
Having an car trouble, accident, being in hospital, death in the family we will consider 
on a case by case basis. Some excuses may require documentation just as your work does. 
To change your already set up pick up appointment: Please notify us BEFORE the day of pick up! 
If you are running early or late please call us as we are extremely busy at distribution time. 
We understand things come up, but please be considerate as we have other people picking up their animal also 
and we need to give them the same respect of time allotted for schooling each customer for the care of their new animal.